Repair and Reuse- Bring your old goods to the Fix-it Fair at Bay Terrace

The Fix-It Fair is a 3-hour event where you can bring your household items that need a little fixing. At these community repair events, people can bring clothing, jewelry, toys, electronics, small appliances, and other items. Do you have a fan that’s noisy, or maybe a shirt that’s missing a button, or maybe your computer doesn’t turn on? Savvy community fixers will take a look, open it up, turn a few widgets, and give you advice on keeping it working! The Fix-It Fair is a program of the Tacoma Tool Library, which provides low cost access to shared tools and other durable goods, and encourages re-use, repair, and reduced consumption.

The event starts at 1:00pm and goes until 4:00pm— it will be held at Bay Terrace in the Hilltop neighborhood at 2550 South G Street.

Things You Should Bring: “Most items are welcome for free repair. We specialize in mendable clothing, lamps, small appliances, computers, electronics, sewing machines, toys, and outdoor equipment.”

Find out more information at their website and volunteer. Share your knowledge with the community and join the fix-it team! Follow on Facebook for more info.